Internship Program

Internship Program


Our student internship program was first developed in 2010 in association with City Neighbors High school with the goal to provide their students with an opportunity to get a glimpse of the various career opportunities in the fashion industry. Our initial interns learned how to make personalized skirt patterns and skirts to fit themselves and then styled their own look and were featured in a fashion show MACA held in at City Neighbors High schools auditorium on May 1, 2011 in front of an audience of hundreds of fashion enthusiasts and industry members..
We are excited that our program is growing!

In the 2011/2012 school year we were able to partner with Stevenson University’s fashion design program with the intention to provide our interns with an opportunity to take part in Textile classes at Stevenson, this was complemented by gaining valuable hands on experience at MACA and complimented by field trips to different fashion manufacturing and retail facilities around town.

During our field trip program interns will be provided with an overview of the garment industry here in the Baltimore, Maryland region. Interns will be able to take a broad look at how garments are designed, developed, created, manufactured and how they go from that point  all the way to the retail floor.

Our internship program provides high school students with the ability and opportunity to get a closer look and better understanding of all jobs available in the industry. It also provides them with a hands on personal experience to help them make a wiser choice when considering entering the industry and thus be better educated to effectively choose which of the great fashion design programs available in the area will be the best fit for them. We had an exciting field trip to Nordstrom! Behind the Curtain.

The tour was led by Beverly Hill, a personal stylist for Nordstrom. Our students learned about the history of the store, the buying process, marketing and merchandising strategy and so much more!  The tour was very informative and we walked away with some goodies from the cosmetics department. Thank you Beverly Hill and Nordstrom for this incredible opportunity!
Next on our schedule is a tour of a local tie factory!
All our field trips are a special treat that our current students enjoy and are a part of the program to introduce our aspiring designers to all aspects of the fashion industry in our region.

In February we visited a very successful local designer Lee Anderson, Andersen -Becker. This was an incredibly inspiring tour of the facility, where we learned about the entire operation of this successful enterprise. Lee Andersen and her team shared with us daily operation, from the concept to shipping, it all happens under one roof, in their 64000 sq. ft facility.  Everyone left inspired! Thanks to Lee Andersen and her great team!
We will continue to create opportunities for our students to learn about local fashion industry and gain valuable experience necessary to help everyone choose the right career path for them and create lasting success.

“Working with Ms. Ella has really helped me to grow as a student and as a person. This experience has taught me  discipline, work ethic,  and that anything is possible when you have the passion to attain success.” – Jamani Epps

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