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The Maryland Center of Fashion Design is part of a Triad of Fashion Excellence. This includes:

  • The School, and its 14-week classes from Beginner through Advanced Couturier is complemented by Fashion Marketing and Styling, taught by international experts.
  • One on one classes are also offered in a highly personalized environment for those who prefer a more individualized education.


EllaModa Custom Couture, a high fashion design label that ranges from sophisticated casual to formal and bridal wear that is second to none. Ella learned the most intricate design techniques from European couturiers, making hers among the finest couturier clothing in the US!

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A Boutique Product Development and Design Label has included exceptional clothing from business suits to athletic wear. The new label, Chic at Heart, is one of the latest offerings of this firm.


Students have the unique opportunity for a first-hand look at couturier design from idea: creation and small batch marketing through this one of a kind educational, successful designer label and boutique manufacturing.


The Opportunities are endless at the Maryland Center of Fashion Design

We will meet you at your skill level, whether you’ve never sketched a design or operated a sewing machine —- or have already created spectacular fashions. Individually or in an intimate class of no more than six students, we have a course designed specifically for you!

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Continue the Journey


Start wherever you are at the Maryland Center for Fashion Design. We will assess your skills and meet you there. Even if you are a true beginner, let Ella teach you how the tiny intricate hand stitches can make a collar stand perfectly, how a perfectly sewn seam assures just the right fit and the art of sewing tiny beads onto fragile fabrics.

14 week intensive classes include, but are not limited to:

Beginner Couturier 1, 2 and 3

Pattern Making

Multi-level Draping Techniques

The Haute Design Process

Needlework and Embroidery

Fashion Sketching and Collage

If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact Ella. She will arrange it!

Continue the Journey…

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