Vincent Licari

Vincent Licari

vincent licari headshot
Vincent Licari possesses an appreciation for fine materials that transform into glamorous creations.

He began his fashion journey out of High School as a fashion
photographer. Local modeling agencies, suggested he use professional models and clothing, so he turned his love of fashion to making interesting clothes to photograph.  A fashion event in Rome sealed his transition to fashion design.

Vincent turned to his family to learn the basics of tailoring, however, he mostly taught himself by experimenting with textiles and embroidery. Along the way, he picked up additional hand techniques from dressmakers including Ella Pritsker.

The collaboration with Ella set up rare opportunity to learn from Russian Couturier Aleona Isokova. He has since collaborated with stylists, personal wardrobe stylists and most recently L’Oreal USA. Many of his fabrics and embroideries are now produced in France by leading mills and masters of the craft.

Currently, Vincent travels between Europe and the United States while continuing his training in Paris.

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